Minimal shoes in “Trail Running” Magazine (UK)

I’ve just received the latest Trail Running,  The mag seems to toe the party line on the need for support and cushioning in shoes but if you delve a bit deeper they seem open to the idea of barefoot and minimal running, at least to the extent of using the techniques as a “training tool.”
Trail Running magazine

Latest Issue

They do a decent job of explaining the minimal barefoot concept in an article on page 28.  It was well written and advises a bit of caution – warning against going at it too quickly. But somewhat contradictory to the whole concept of minimal/barefoot, the author advises the use of cushioning and stability for running road sections…umm…

Trail Running is a bi-monthly mag that seems to be finding its feet now.  The first issue was a bit weak, it was a freebie coupled with Trail magazine [a hill walkers title] I got hold of a copy after it was discussed on the FRA forum.  It was essentially the carrot and pea stained love child of Runners World and Trail magazine and like its parents it was well padded with ads for shoes [that is “trail” shoes], running kit [again “trail” running kit] and Runners World style content in the form of training tips, diet and kit reviews.

I missed the second issue, perhaps somewhat deliberately, but earlier this year, in a frenzied bout of midnight internet shopping I somehow ended up subscribing to the magazine.

“The Fellrunner” it is not but after receiving the third issue and subsequently this one, I’m so far not too disappointed.  The latest issue has some very interesting articles, I especially enjoyed the review of the Tour des Geants.

Here’s a link to their FB page…


First Post

Hi I’m Nick, an off-road runner, DJ, carpenter, dad of two and partner to an outspoken and very beautiful French girl.  We’re both runners, and we’ve both been bitten by the minimalist bug…

This blog is essentially my personal blog, my thoughts on running from a minimalist perspective, and the world that minimalist running opens up.

Its difficult once you’ve ditched supportive running shoes, not to question a little bit the necessity of certain things in life; the need for beauty products, junk food, soap and sprung mattresses.  As anyone who gets in to minimal running knows, this thing can take over your life.

I’m going to write about my personal journey, the shoes I’ve tried, and my quest to find the perfect minimal trail running shoe.

I’ll touch on diet and exercise, running form, trail techniques and hopefully get down in writing the abstract thoughts that come to all of us lonesome long distance runners…

Please feel free to post comments, I hope that you enjoy reading my blog.