Running Nutrition: Granny Betty’s Yum Yum Cake.

I know what you’re probably thinking; Yum Yum Cake?  Silly name.  Well that’s what she called it…

SAMSUNGIn a tribute to my late Grandmother who passed away at the end of last year, just a few months short of her 90th Birthday, I’m posting the recipe for which is hands down one of her best cakes.   Not only is this slice highly satisfying to eat whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a listen to Woman’s hour, it is also high octane rocket fuel when taken on the run.  In fact it should come with a warning – eat this stuff and you will fly; you’ll get a PB, probably even win the race and it will make you even more attractive to the opposite sex.  Forget flapjacks – Yum Yum Cake is the way to go* Click here to read more