Inov-8 TrailRoc 255 The Shoe I Wish I Bought in My Correct Size…

This is not a shoe review – this post is a Warning!

And the warning is thus:  Do not listen to anyone on the internet regarding shoe sizing. They do not have your feet.  Your feet are sleek beautifully formed sculptures of perfection – so when they suggest you need to take a certain shoe in a certain size be wary…Be very wary. People on running forums and shoe reviewers may like shoes with a different fit to you – and it’s a little known fact that nearly all minimal shoe bloggers have wider than average gorilla feet.  There are also people who seem to need their shoe to measure an inch longer then their foot…?

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Why trail shoes need to get randy

A quick explanation of the word randy for my non-British readers.  In the United Kingdom this is a word that very posh and extremely out of touch people might use when they mean to say “horny.”  It’s the sort of thing Prince William might utter to Kate post-croquet, after a glass or two of Chablis.  It’s a bit “Hugh Grant.”   A touch “Foppish toff.”

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